Frying a Turkey

Frying a Turkey
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Turkey Fryer FAQ’s (From the Manufacturer)

A 30-qt Stockpot cooks up to 20-lb turkey

How do I cook my turkey (time, temp, and prep)?

*Optimum frying temperature is 350 F. Whole turkeys typically require 3-3 ½ minutes per pound. Cold, windy conditions may require a few more minutes overall. A single whole chicken takes about 18 minutes. Typically, a generous portion of poultry seasoning is sprinkled and rubbed onto or under the skin and interior cavity. Salt and pepper or any dry rub can be used. Any injection marinade may be used as long as it is a thin based liquid. The amount of seasoning and marinade is dependent on your taste. A generous portion of rub-on seasoning is recommended. Liquid marinade is usually 1-2 oz. per pound. Let your taste buds be your guide.

How much oil will it take to deep-fry my turkey?

*The proper amount of oil depends on the size of the poultry and the pot. The larger the turkey, the less oil is required. Wider diameter pots require more oil. To determine the amount of oil needed, place the thawed turkey upside down on the poultry rack. Fill the pot with water until the poultry is covered. Remove poultry and rack form the pot. The amount of water in pot corresponds to the amount of cooking oil needed.

How long will a propane tank last?

*Gas in a propane tank will last up to 3-4 hrs of constant use. The actual tank will last a lifetime with proper care.

What type of oil do I use?

*Peanut oil is recommended because it contains no cholesterol and can be reused more frequently. It is also safer because it has a higher flashpoint, which reduces the risk of a grease fire. Also available are blends of peanut and soybean oil. If allergic to peanuts, then any vegetable oil may be used.

What are the BTU's on the turkey fryer?

*Our turkey fryers average around 55,000 BTU’s, depending on the wind and weather.